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Investment strategies that support your organization's mission and vision.

The Challenge

A perception that you are "too small" to get the attention you deserve

Many non-profit institutions in the so-called “small” market (from start-up to upwards of $100 million) struggle to adequately manage their portfolios, whether those portfolios are endowments or other pools of money.

Often these institutions have not yet created a fully effective investment committee on their board. And they typically get a confusing array of information that does not adequately allow them to fulfill their fiduciary duty to the institution to oversee and steward these funds.

These institutions are often served with less attention than they deserve because of their status as “small.” The board chair of an institution with over $100 million once asked us at a proposal meeting, “Is our account large enough to keep your attention? Our current provider keeps changing advisors on us, and we have a hard time getting a return call.” Although we were initially surprised, we have since found this issue a common one.

Expert Guide

We provide guidance to investment committees to create and/or follow appropriate procedures, implement and utilize a well-crafted investment policy statement, educate those on the committee who are not sophisticated about investments, and act as an overall resource for the committee and the larger boards they serve.

Clear Insights

We simplify and present performance information to the investment committee to arm it with the information it needs to steward the portfolio properly and make informed decisions for the organization.

Care & Attention

We provide a level of service with the care and attention a “small” portfolio needs, treating it with the importance and respect your organization’s hard-earned donations, mission, and goals deserve.



Align your financial stewardship with your faith, mission and vision

Our experience and expertise in non-profit investment management, gives us a pretty good idea of the daily challenges you face on the investment front.

Many small to mid-sized entities feel they don’t get the attention they need and deserve. But we find working with non-profit organizations incredibly rewarding.

With decades of experience serving non-profits and understanding their goals, Stonecrop is ideally suited to ensure proper care of your institution’s endowment, long-term strategy, financial governance, planning, reporting, and more.

We provide tailored services for institutions, including:

  1. Committee Formation

  2. Governance Support

  3. Mission Alignment

  4. Custom Reporting

We're dedicated to non-profits, serving clients with assets ranging from $100,000 to $100 million. Regardless of size, all clients receive personal attention and prompt service tailored to their needs.

Image by Augustine Wong

Great Financial Stewardship

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