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Our Team

The Stonecrop Wealth Advisors Team


Doug MacGray, J.D., CFP

Institutional Advisory Services Director & Financial Advisor

Charles Blachford, M.A.

Investment Director

Logan MacGray, CFA


Purpose Centered Life Financial Planning

Creating a financial plan for a purpose-centered life is transformative, as it goes beyond traditional financial planning by aligning one's financial goals with their core values, aspirations, and the lifestyle they desire. Unlike conventional financial planners who may focus solely on numbers and investment strategies, a purpose-centered approach considers the broader context of an individual's or family's unique circumstances. It involves a deep exploration of personal values, long-term aspirations, and even non-financial factors that contribute to overall life satisfaction.

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By integrating these elements into the financial planning process, individuals can derive a greater sense of purpose from their financial decisions, fostering a more meaningful and fulfilling life. This approach stands out for its holistic perspective, recognizing that financial success is not just about accumulating wealth but about using that wealth to enable a life rich in purpose, joy, and fulfillment.

Our Virtues

These are our virtues — they serve as a compass, guiding us in fostering fruitful life-long relationships with our clients.


Taking action to use your knowledge, abilities, and resources to help and care for other people in a way that might not benefit you.


A state of tranquility or peace; typically, free from agitation, excitement, or anxiety.


The inquisitive interest in the affairs of others or the operational details and functionality involved in the affairs of the universe.


The ability to do something that is frightening or the strength to persevere in the face of grief, pain, or danger.


To humbly remember that you are of the earth and not to take anything, or yourself, too seriously.

Financial Advisor

Jessica Chominski

Client Relationship Associate

Dalton Greiner, FPQP

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