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Individuals & Families

Helping individuals and families achieve financial peace of mind.

The Challenge

Money can be complex, confusing, and incite strong emotions

Money is complex and can stir strong emotions, making decisions about important assets challenging. This can lead to anxiety, delay, and less-than-ideal choices. Are you using your money wisely to achieve your life goals? Find out with our quick assessment.

The Assessment

Your Answer

Learning how to live a life according to your purpose

Stonecrop helps you align your life with your financial resources by:

  1. Clarifying and simplifying your path to achieving your aspirations.

  2. Coaching, facilitating, and empowering you to reach those aspirations.

We alleviate the anxiety and worry often associated with pursuing your goals by providing a practical framework. Achieving your dreams is possible.

Our Process

A purpose-centered life financial plan

Creating a financial plan for a purpose-centered life is transformative, as it goes beyond traditional financial planning by aligning one's financial goals with their core values, aspirations, and the lifestyle they desire. Unlike conventional financial planners who may focus solely on numbers and investment strategies, a purpose-driven approach considers the broader context of an individual's or family's unique circumstances. It involves a deep exploration of personal values, long-term aspirations, and even non-financial factors that contribute to overall life satisfaction. 

Our Process

By integrating these elements into the financial planning process, individuals can derive a greater sense of purpose from their financial decisions, fostering a more meaningful and fulfilling life. This approach stands out for its holistic perspective, recognizing that financial success is not just about accumulating wealth but about using that wealth to enable a life rich in purpose, joy, and fulfillment.

The Outcome

Living with financial confidence and enjoying the results

Case Studies

Achieving financial confidence and enjoying life's rewards is our goal. These are just a couple of stories from our clients who trust us to help secure their financial futures. We're here to do the same for you. 

Client 1: He aimed to retire at 55 (inspired by his father's experience). With our guidance, he not only retired early but also supported his in-laws in aging at home.

Client 2: A recent divorcee with financial worries due to a small income and modest retirement savings. We crafted a plan with disciplined savings and smart investments, helping to ease her financial fears.

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