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As stewards of the resources bestowed upon us by God, we have a responsibility to invest in His kingdom. By aligning our investments with the values and teachings of Scripture, we fulfill our role as faithful stewards.

Invest In God's Kingdom


Faith-Based Financial Planning For Christians

Creating a faith-based financial plan is unique, as it goes beyond traditional financial planning by aligning one's financial goals with their faith, and core values. A faith-based approach considers the responsibility of biblical financial stewardship. It involves a deep exploration of a client's religious and personal values, long-term aspirations, and even non-financial factors that contribute to overall life satisfaction.

By integrating these elements into the financial planning process, faith-based individuals can fulfill a biblical responsibility from their financial decisions. This approach stands out for its holistic perspective, recognizing that financial success is not just about accumulating wealth but about using that wealth to enable a life rich in purpose, joy, fulfillment, and most importantly for the Glory of God.

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Faith-Based Financial Planning

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Our Process

This introductory meeting allows us to learn more about your situation to see if we are a good fit for you.

01.  Introductory Meeting

Our objectives meeting is where we learn more about who you are, how you grew up, your background and your faith.

02.  See The Objectives

This meeting is where we gather your financial information and help you organize your finances.

03.  Organize Your Finances

After gathering information and organizing your finances, we draft and review together your faith-based financial plan.

04.  Find The Path

This meeting is where we show you performance reports, help set up your performance portal, and discuss our quarterly/annual meetings.

05.  Navigate Past The Obstacles

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