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Our Definition

We believe in a definition of “prosperity” that is significantly broader than an ever-increasing net worth. Rather, “prosperity” encompasses flourishing in various aspects of life, including relationships, physical health, ventures, finances, enjoying the fruits of one's labor, contentment, and spiritual depth. All financial planning and investment management activities must be designed to enhance all of these areas of prosperity.

Plan to

Our purpose is to honor God by helping our clients see the objective, find the path, and navigate past the obstacles to a more prosperous future.

We help reduce any anxiety or worry you’ve experienced trying to reach your goals with a framework that focuses you on how to achieve them.

Individuals & Families

We work with tax-exempt institutions with what are considered small endowments/ portfolios by Wall Street’s standards, meaning anywhere from start-up to approximately $100 million.


At A Glance


Founded By

Doug MacGray, JD, CFP


Faith-Based Financial Planning Options


Purpose-Centered Life

Financial Planning


Retention rate for

institutional clients

10x Giving

Stonecrop Wealth Advisors’ rate of giving to charity is more than 10.4 times the average investment advisory firm

Case Studies

Mr. Smith, a successful business owner with a busy life, sought the expertise of our financial advising firm to optimize his wealth management strategy.


The Johnsons, a dual-income household of $250k, approached our firm seeking guidance on how to build wealth and plan for their future.


A local church, focused on community service and outreach, approached our firm for financial guidance to sustain and expand its charitable activities.





Financial peace of mind is a cornerstone of life, offering individuals, families, and institutions a sense of security and control over their lives. Knowing that financial resources are strategically managed and protected provides a foundation for pursuing personal goals, weathering unexpected challenges, and planning for the future with confidence.


Most importantly beyond the numbers, financial peace of mind reduces anxiety and stress, improves mental health, and gives back the freedom to focus on a purpose-driven life.

Financial Peace of Mind

*Business Insider  |  Personal Finance

92% of people say nothing makes them happier or more confident in life than having their financial house in order

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Financial Peace of Mind

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